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The Bike - 40K

The Nation’s Triathlon bike is a flat and fast design.

The one-loop bike course will speed you up and down the vistas and views of Rock Creek Park and Clara Barton Parkway along the beautiful Potomac River. Based on feedback from our athletes in 2008 the course has been changed to reduce the number of turns so that there are more straight-aways on wide smooth roads perfect for the aerobars. With all of the roads closed to traffic this is truly one of the most spectacular Olympic distance bike courses in the country.


According to a 2008 Participant:

"I’ve done a ton of triathlons (including twice at Nation’s) and must say the bike course this year was one of the best I’ve ever ridden."

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  1. The 2009 Bike course starts on Independence Ave outside the transition area
  2. head west and north onto Rock Creek Parkway
  3. turn around just south of 24th St
  4. head south on Rock Creek Parkway
  5. onto Ohio Drive
  6. turn left onto Potomac River Freeway S onto Whitehurst Freeway
  7. onto M
  8. onto Canal Road
  9. onto Clara Barton
  10. onto Cabin John Parkway
  11. turnaround prior to 495
  12. south on Cabin John Parkway
  13. east on Clara Barton
  14. onto Canal
  15. onto M St
  16. onto Whitehurst Freeway
  17. exit onto Potomac River Freeway N
  18. onto Ohio Drive
  19. onto Independence Avenue to the bike dismount

Bike Rules/Regulations

  1. Helmets must be on AND fastened before triathletes mount their bikes. Chinstraps must be buckled at all times when on the bike.
  2. Do not mount your bike until you are out of the transition area and past the mount/dismount line.
  4. Slower bikers should stay to the right and faster bikes should pass on the left.  The Nation’s Triathlon follows the USAT rules regarding biking.
    For more info, click here.
  5. Cyclists should not cross a solid yellow centerline for any reason.
  6. Drafting is prohibited. You must keep at least three bike lengths of clear space between you and the cyclist in front of you. If you move into the drafting zone, you must pass the cyclist within 15 seconds.
  7. Do not litter.
  8. If you have a flat move your bike completely off the course and onto the sidewalk.
  9. There is NO bike support or water bottle exchange on the course. You must carry all spares and means of inflation yourself.  If you flat out and have no means of assistance, you must wait until the SAG vehicle picks you up after the last biker.
  10. Emergency conditions may occur during race. Please pay attention to your surroundings for indication of the need to clear the course or take other instructed action.
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