Course - Swim

The Swim - 1.5K

The 2009 Nation’s Triathlon swim course is designed to ensure that athletes don’t wait a long time for their swim start.

The swim entry point is located conveniently close to the transition area. The time to walk from to the swim start is approximately 2 minutes. From swim exit back to the transition area the time will be even less.

The Nation’s Triathlon will utilize a dual swim start and dual swim courses running simultaneously. Athletes will swim the exact same mirror opposite courses then finish through the same swim exit, run into the same transition area then head out onto the same bike and run course. This will allow us to add athletes to the race but consistently ensure a short wait time before the swim start!

The swim course is supported by 20-30 kayaks plus the fine men and women from the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Harbor Division and the DC Fire and EMS.

According to a 2008 participant:

"The water quality was great! The swim was well-marked and the route in the water--to the bridge and back--made it easy to not get misdirected. I felt safe with the number of kayakers in the water."

course map Swim

Swim Rules/Regulations

  1. Make sure you are in the swim queue wearing your swim cap and goggles and wait for your swim wave to be called.
  2. Walk quickly across the floating pier, go immediately into the water.
  3. Stay between the dock and starting buoy.  Listen attentively for the starting gun to go off.
  4. If you are starting upstream (swimming towards the bridge), keep all buoys on your left.  If you are starting downstream (swimming away from the bridge), keep all buoys on your right.
  5. From the last turn buoy swim directly towards the Richardson Staircase.
  6. Spot an open stair or an open swim lane towards a stair and keep in your lane. Please do not try and cross over too close to the staircase or you will cut someone off.
  7. Ascend the stairs immediately - DO NOT DELAY.
  8. Assist the person in front of you if necessary by helping them get onto the ladder or up the stairs. This is very important. DO NOT pull anyone away from the ladder or hinder their ability to go up the stairs. Anyone caught doing this will be immediately disqualified with NO REFUNDS.
  9. Run straight through after exiting and into the transition area.
  10. Misting tents will be setup on swim exit for your convenience.
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