Volunteers - Overview

Volunteer Overview

The Nation’s Triathlon needs great volunteers to make the event weekend and race day a success. Over 300 volunteers helped make the 2008 race a success and we hope to build upon that this year. Whether you want to give back to the community or cheer on friends, volunteering is a great way to be involved. Learn more about volunteer roles and sign up to volunteer today!

Community involvement is essential to The Nation's Triathlon.  Without the support of many volunteers and community leaders, the race would not be possible.  The Nation's Triathlon partners with the DC Triathlon Club to help build this community.  The DC Tri Club provides 1-2 volunteer coordinators for the race.  The volunteer coordinators rely not only on volunteer help from the largest triathlon club in the region, but also forge relationships with other cycling, running, paddling and volunteer groups to provide the over 300 volunteers necessary for the race. 

The DC Triathlon Club is a community of over 2,000 triathletes and triathlon enthusiasts from Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.  Established in 2002, the club welcomes triathletes of all ages and experience levels.  DC Tri conducts regular group training sessions, workshops and seminars to help develop members' abilities as triathletes.  The club also hosts social gatherings and race related events. 

Every athlete knows how vital volunteers are to the race. Here are just a few comments from 2008 athletes:

"I also have to say a huge thank you to the volunteers. A lot of your work is what made this race run so smoothly and your support definitely kept me moving during the race."

"For you who were volunteering, thank you. It was amazing to see so many friendly faces on the course."

"Well said, excellent volunteer support. My first Nations and I thought it was a very well run race. This morning while driving to work down Independence, I looked up and transition was completely gone like it had never been there and it dawned on me just how much manual labor and coordination goes into these things to make them appear and reappear so effortlessly all for the benefit of the racers who just show up and do their thing."
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